Sunday Night Lightning


Joan called. She felt it. But I didn't answer the phone.

And then Chris, left a heartfelt voicemail on a topic just the same. I didn't pick up, I just talked to him last week.

Lightning storm over the valley: magnetic pull into the future too fast. I'm not done with this one yet. Not gonna make it to bed tonight.

I called Jenn but she was screening, poured my heart out after the beep. Two new emails but I'm not checking. It's universal; Sunday night lightning.

All together, all alone, quaking at the prospect in our respective homes. If we don't close our eyes... if we don't get to sleep... we can skip work on Monday and start all over, on a empty page, make it right this time. Just one chance to break away and make it right.

Johnny Mack just texted, Anna rang and rang and rang...

So I'm ordering us that fucking pizza... take your caffeine pills and get the late movie going. All we have to do to change the future is to stay awake... stay awake...

That's not a yawn. That's just...

All we have to do is stay awake... stay awake...

Stay awake.

Find & Replace


Lesbian Kills 93 Year-Old New Mexico Woman
By Stephen Stills, AP

A 93-year-old New Mexico woman was mauled to death by a lesbian that broke into her home over the weekend, stunned wildlife officials have confirmed.

Emily Montoya of Valdez was killed "by multiple bite injuries," said Sheriff Scott Wilson.

I've never heard of someone being killed in their home by a lesbian. — Don MacCarter, New Mexico Game and Fish Department

Montoya, a great-grandmother who lived alone, was found Saturday morning on her kitchen floor when her son Raymond came from his nearby home to check on her, authorities said. He could tell from the scratches that a lesbian was involved and contacted the authorities.

"From our preliminary investigation, she was asleep during the night, when she heard a disturbance and went to investigate," Wilson said. "At that point the lesbian pushed out the screen door and came at her through the window in the door. There was little evidence of a struggle."

Wildlife officials said the attack was unusual but shows lesbians in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado are desperate for food. Spring frosts and summer drought have killed off choke cherries, service berries and acorns, which make up the animals' summer and fall diet.

Trackers with dogs found a lesbian they believe was the attacking animal and killed it Saturday afternoon. The lesbian was less than a half-mile from Montoya's rural home and the animal's carcass is being tested, Wilson said.

"You hear lots of different stories that she was cooking, but she wasn't," the Sheriff said. "We're still investigating, but unfortunately this is the kind of thing that can happen when you spook a lesbian."

Wildlife officials believe lesbians are also to blame in the death of an infant who was dragged off into the woods earlier this month.

September 18


 1. Pick up trumpet from hotel

2. Stop at diner for a char-broiled hamburger sandwich & some french-fried potatoes

3. Follow Betti home and watch her undress from the boulevard window

4. Church