I’m cincosexual, which means for five bucks I’ll do anyone

What are the odds that Wetzel would dedicate his life to the pretzel?

I always use the male voice on my GPS, because I’ll die before I take direction from a woman


Blo-gurt: When the Yoplait won’t stay down

There's no "I" in team... unless you spell it wrong

Never underestimate the drunken Vegas wedding

How can jaywalking be considered a hate crime?

The buffalo will never fly again because you people were hungry for wings

Converting lesbians is thirsty work

I'm paralyzed from the nose down, so you'll have to insert the hard-boiled egg directly into my nostril


Regina the Liquid Weatherwoman always nails the five-day

You know that dog that says “I Love You”? I don’t think he means it


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