Dog Days


It was in the sand.

No, wait- maybe... 

Maybe it was in her feet.

The way her heel gave heed to the softness of the sand, the angle of her ankle as it move across the beach. It was sinking in, the smell of her skin, her long hair hang to the small of her back. A drop of sweat from being in the sunshine.

And her feet make scoop of the heat-scalded sand as she leads me away from the boardwalk. The screams of the Ferris wheel fading away as she leads me to the dunes, or the surface of the moon, and we lay down close to the shoreline.

Her hand holding mine, my heart lost in hers, and we lower our heads at the thought of the depth of the ocean.

We talk with our lips, without words, and with saltwater sweet on my tongue the sound of the surf reminds me: that I'm not afraid anymore.

And together we set sail.

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