The Interview

She walked into my office for the interview, dressed as a cowgirl, and when I asked her why she said, “Sir... I AM a Cowgirl.”

I pressed the secret button for Security.

“So tell me, Eileen-”

Cowgirl Eileen,” she corrected me.

I sipped my coffee. “So why do you think you would make a good District Manager? Cowgirl Eileen?”

“I reckon there are five good reasons,” she said, loosening the tie on her ten-gallon hat. “Reason number one: I’m-”

And luckily for me our office Security is laser-fast. Two enormous uniformed guards burst into my office, knight sticks already drawn.

The bigger guy nodded toward Cowgirl Eileen. “Is this the lunatic?”

“Yep,” I said, crumpling up her resume.

The two guys grabbed her by the arms and lifted her out of her chair, dragging her violently from the room.

One of the guards turned to me on his way out: “Would you like us to beat her senseless as well?”

“Please,” I said.

Hey, it was a Monday.

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