Grand Vending: Fantastic

I remember that day like it was tomorrow.
I mean yesterday. I was thirsty, thirsty for liquid. Liquid thirsty. Then I seen it: the vending machine.

It was right there in front of the place. It seemed to glow with the light of the fluorescent bulb some guy had put inside it. I stepped up.

I reached into my pocket and found four quarters... I took a deep breath and inserted them into the slot carefully. One... two... three... and finally four.

I selected carefully: a fizzy drink with carbonated bubbles. I pressed the button and KALKA! The machine rumbled & dispensed my soda. I grabbed it out of the holding zone, felt it cold against my hand. I popped the top and put it to my mouth and enjoyed the sweet taste. Success!

A lot of other things happened to me that day but I forget most likely.

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