Twins with Real Feelings

Do twins really share a mental telepathy? A cosmic understanding? Sick City sat down with four pair to test the theory.

Suki & Pancho-Sosa

Suki: We are like, like...
Pancho-Sosa: Simpatico.
Suki: I was gonna say copacetic.
Pancho-Sosa: You owe me nine dollars.
Suki: At least I don’t have an inverted vagina.
Pancho-Sosa: You are street grease. You are an open sore. You are the sewage that leaks from vermin squeezed.
Suki: Yeah, but I paid you the nine dollars.

Edwild & Louie-Louie

Edwild: My brother and I? We're the good guys. We make the magic happen.
Louie-Louie: If by magic you mean two adult siblings sitting naked in a tepid bathtub of filth and poison bubbles then yeah, we’re Doug fucking Henning.
Edwild: We got the powers. We're a satellite dish. We're a space station. We're intergalactic.
Louie-Louie: You're letting the crazy show.
Edwild: No I didn't. Let's do that nipple thing.
Louie-Louie: We talked about this. We're with the interviewer. He’s writing this down.
Edwild: Good. Let him write it on the internet. Let the world see. Let them taste our foul and hot shame.
Louie-Louie: You’re calling Mom this week. I’m not doing it. You’re calling Mom.

Becwith & Sejmaze

Becwith: We're pretty mellow.
Sejmaze: She's not just my sister, she's my best friend. We love shopping... and going to the movies.
Becwith: And we love robbing banks on mescaline.
Sejmaze: And cheeseburgers. Oh my god when they do that bacon thing on the top of the cheeseburger? That’s the best thing.
Becwith: That and cracking a teller’s skull.
Sejmaze: Well, obviously...

Ten-Speed & McMillan

Ten-Speed: We haven’t been banned by Major League Baseball. If that’s what you’re asking. Because if it is that’s not the case.
McMillan: Not at all. We choose not to go to San Diego Padre games. We always have.
Ten-Speed: He knows, pigshit.
McMillan: He doesn’t know anything.
Ten-Speed: He knows everything. You can tell.
McMillan: You’re paranoid.
Ten-Speed: He knows. Look how he's looking at us.
McMillan: He doesn't know. Be cool.
Ten-Speed: Shaved testicles and the seventh-inning stretch.
McMillan: I hate you.
Ten-Speed: I know.

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