Radio Waves (In The Middle Of The Night)


I feel a sense of... displacement. Do you know what it-?

BRUCE: Why do you-? I’m sorry for interrupting... why do you say displacement?

CALLER:  I feel displaced. Do you know what I mean when I say displacement? I looked it up today. In the dictionary. It means put out of position, to be removed from position. That’s me, that’s how I feel.

BRUCE: It’s late. It’s late at night man. We all get-

CALLER: It’s always the middle of the night. I have been displaced. I know it now. My wife had a place for me, a use for me- even if nothing else as the guy who can change the bulbs or stop the leak in the bathtub. She doesn’t need me anymore. My kids, their eyes do this thing where they used to look at me like I was rock, like I was granite, and now their eyes get this soft fuzzy look that I don’t recognize and they look through me like I was transparent. Or a ghost, translucent. I'm not even here anymore. I'm not even there. I don't have a home. And I don’t have a place that I call home, and it hurts me, and it scares the shit out of me.

BRUCE: I’m sorry to hear that. But the question I asked at the top of the show was do you have a trade proposal for the Mets.

CALLER: Hah? Oh yeah. D’Arnaud and Conforto for Bryce Harper.

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