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(If your server isn’t speaking in a grating Australian accent feel free to punch him in the groin)

G’Day! Why let the embarrassing sub-culture of Australia die quietly when we can keep it alive to provide personality for our corporate restaurant chain? Here at Outback we take turns choking you with deep-fried foodstuffs and slang so obsolete it baffles even Crocodile Dundee!

“Barbie that bingle, you lob corroboree!”


When you think of Australia you think filthy, beer-soaked inbreds and the best beef on the planet. But there’s more greg where that betty comes from!


England’s convicts have evolved and they're currently cooking your sirloin! How ’bout a Teriyaki-marinated Texas Tartare with a side order of grease-trap snappings? Or try a Bloomin’ ’Roo Zeppo Porterhouse Shark Biscuit, a flank steak comprised of beef from all eight continents!

Roight! Oy! Skem’bow!


While you’re translating, why not munch and chumple on a twelve-dollar Onionbomb? Or sink your skiners into some Alice Pozzy Bumbaloo Chicken! It’s a barbecued clucker wrapped with bacon, discharging cheese, and smothered in a sauce so secret we’d have to shoot you dead before we revealed the recipe! Or have some Eucalyptus ‘Tato Sticks! That’s what we 

call french fries for some reason.

 Even callow skeeters love the tinny!

If the hogswallow above is givin’ you a noggin-pounder we suggest you numb your senses with a Sydneysipper- a Crocktail with an outrageous name and offensive price!

Pattyback! Booze hits the pop-kropper!

Rippin’ Cocktails

Start with a Bongo Rita – “Rita” is short for margarita and “bongo” is the unpredictable drum… neither of which have anything to do with Australia! Ergo, we arrive at the $30 cocktail, which is easier to swallow with a fun new name- especially when you shout it across the restaurant in an obnoxious Ozzie accent.

“Bongo ‘Rita, ya right bastard!!!”

Piddling your britches has never been this rewarding!

Also available in fun flavors:

Koala-Walla Bongo Rita Bonanzer Snuka Beer, served steaming hot with two olives 

Wallaby Sting Bongo Rita ‘StravaganzerWe don’t know what this means. 

Kookaburra Bongo Melbourne Mudclip Bikkie-Bon – Why have you read this far? 

Bindi Dinkum Jackaloo Bongo Prezzy Yabber Rita Deluxe – Ten men die in the preparation of this beverage 

Gringo Dingo Boomer Bongo Nugfugger Pogo-Fezgig BazaarIce water 

We hope you had a kikapoo meal and a brisbane evening...

Come back soon, y’schmuck!

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