Jujo Flies A Kite


Jujo get back here!”

It was too humid for kite flying but you don’t stop Jujo. He was a furious child, prone to shattering glasses and bruising schoolmates. His pets died young, and his teachers took every one of their holidays. His parents had given up any hope of controlling him; that task now belonged to the young Ms. Curby, Jujo's newest governess. She was sitting on the park bench with her legs crossed while Jujo’s kite hovered overhead.

Jujo, please- don’t go beyond the oak tree!”

Jujo walked past the oak tree. It wasn’t his fault, really… the kite had led him there. He let out more slack on the line and the kite angled upward, testing its freedom. Fueled by the blustery wind the kite denied gravity, climbing upright. Its tail was whipping madly, taunting Jujo like a schoolmate with his tongue stuck out.
Ms. Curby had told him not to fly his kite today but Jujo flew his kite anyhow. He wanted to.

Jujo, be a good boy and don’t go beyond the picnic bench!”

Jujo walked past the picnic bench. It wasn’t his fault… the kite was inviting him. Ms. Curby was distracted, searching her purse for a tampon or candy bar. She wasn’t going to be chasing him today.

“Don’t go beyond the water fountain!”

Jujo walked past the water fountain. It wasn’t his fault… his kite was showing him the way. The sky was growing darker, with monstrous clouds of purple amassed over the park. The breeze, defeated, gave way to gusting current.

Ms. Curby pulled her hair from her mouth. “Jujo it’s going to thunderstorm!”

“I don’t care!” Jujo said gleefully. No profanity… he must be in a good mood.

Thunder sounded a louder warning but Jujo was riding this high… he had never flown his kite to this height. The pull from above was so strong it was lifting his heels off the grass. It was a glorious feeling… the wind blowing summer leaves from the trees and stirring his emotion, his stomach untying ten knots. He felt freedom for the first time… his heart losing its meter.

A louder punch of thunder scolded from above. The menacing heavens grew sinister… sickening.

Jujo’s kite climbed even higher, deeper into the darkness, wider inside the sky… The booming thunder made Jujo jump, and startled the dazing Ms. Curby.

JUJO! You listen to me now!”

Jujo was hypnotized by the kite, now soaring on its own authority. He did not hear his governess' warning. He did not fear the sky's promise to storm.

Jujo did not see the fuck-crazy rapist emerge from the bushes and put a steak knife to Ms. Curby's throat, and he did not hear the rapist whisper in her ear.
The desperate criminal promised Ms. Curby that he would kill her, but only after the rape and mutilation.

Ms. Curby could feel the knife's teeth, and the rapist's stubbled beard, and she could feel her heart bumping against the walls of her chest. She reluctantly agreed to return with the rapist to the bushes, for the inevitable, but as she walked off she called out to Jujo.

“Be a good boy, Jujo, and put the kite away now.”

Jujo raised his hand over his shoulder, flipping Ms. Curby the bird without even looking back.



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