Ransom Note (Second Draft)

Do you like your daughter? Wanna see her alive 

If If you want like to see your daugher alive again you have to listen careful. I am no joke I am part of the problem. I am ready to die by how I believe. I have your daughter and I know what to do. I have some of her her hair stuck in my throat when she fought when I took her. We are the first to make a reckoning in the process. Until forever you have seen the world as a fine place to drive to on your way to high glorious [ILLEGIBLE]. Now you you will undertsand it is quicksand under your feet.

If you comply by Easter Sunday there will be no rape but otherwise I will thrash your bunny in the most depraved [ILLEGIBLE]. Don’t you see how you desrve me? Your demands are too high that is not for you to decide! $750,00 cash is the only figure I accept. I will know always if you are even think about police and FBI is the same cosequence: your daughter get killed and that is by hand.

After I rape the bunny and she is scared as anything. She tells you “Butterfly kiss/ San Francisco” so you know we have her and just what that means she said you will know. Already she is black and blued can’t stop the girl from fighting back. Act fast if you know anything. I will call you with the drop off location before Thursday night. Dont make me kill I have been before and I won’t stop now, never again.

Respectfully yours,

Maniacal Kidnapper

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