What's In the Bucket? (Village Idiot)


Tojo- the Village Idiot- walked into the village, her bucket full, nearly overflowing.

“What’s in the bucket, Tojo?” This was Kenjo, Village Leper.

Tojo smiled- a secret smile! Then she gave Kenjo the middle finger.

She walked on, through the village square, struggling to carry the heavy bucket.

“What’s in the bucket, Tojo?” This was Masumi, Village Chief.

Tojo closed her eyes and shook her head. Masumi returned to his calculator games.

At the clearing Tojo ran into Bulki, her best friend.

“What’s in the bucket, Tojo?” he asked. She picked up a handful of dirt and threw it into his eyes, blinding him for life and beyond.

Tojo crossed the shoreline and climbed the rocks above the ocean- careful not to spill a drop. When she was up as high as she could get she sat on a large stone covered in sea moss and put the bucket to her mouth, drinking four liters of her own tepid urine.

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