Ask The Dentist

Straight from the mouth of the horse's dentist, your chance to chat with Dr. Ira "Bubby" Feiler.

Hi, Dr. Feiler, I'm insecure and awkward around women. Sometimes I do things. On top of that my lower incisor is bothering me. Should I sleep with a prostitute? Again? - Dave Azwepé-Wentworth

Come into the office we'll pull the incisor and pick out wedding invitations. -Dr.

Dr. Feiler: I'm looking for spiritual meaning in a cold and hollow galaxy... the echo of my own voice shouting questions into the infinite black eternity of space is giving me peanut diarrhea. I believe in a God but why won't he validate my parking? Also, I have a molar that's been acting up. Help, lol! No seriously... HELP!!! - Jessica Megatron

Come into the office, we'll pull the molar and I'll give you my recipe for Pepperoni Bread. Italian people scare me but the taste sensation. -Dr.

Heyyy, Doc Feiler: You one bad-ass Jewish methafuggah. Tell me again why your race is superior to mine? Also my bicuspid be giving me fits.  - Anfernander St. Ludemom

Come on down to my office- I'll pull the bicuspid and microwave your macaroni and cheese. -Dr.

My tooth fell out!!! - Rebecca-Stephanie Chadfellow

Come in to the office- I have macaroons and I can pull those other teeth for you. -Dr.

Mr. Feiler- You are part of the problem. Your love of human misery makes you a virus. You feed on exposed nerve endings and the tears of the innocent. You're not helpful- you're evil- and your dime-store respectability is little more than a Halloween costume, a license to be a sadist and legally practice your twisted, inbred psychosis. Also, my canine is bothering me. - Arf Boweler

Come into the office, we can pull that canine. And bring McDonald's, specifically the McNugget, what? - Dr. 

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