Some Spring Nights


Some Spring nights- but not this one- you can easily misunderstand the signals. You can spot the dead rabbit in the shock of green grass, and the newborn baby in the branches of the budding oak tree. I did. I saw them both on the way home from work.

Life... death... do they still make Snapple? Stop at the pharmacy for a cigar because smoke is something, well it used to be, at one time, long story, sister... this parking lot used to be full with my friends. 

But now I’m just a guy, stranger in a home land, khaki pants and cash and maybe the kid behind the counter knows what it’s all about. Maybe he’ll have the answer in his eyes.

What are the odds.

Aisles of every of everything, things I didn’t know I’d need until this moment, product and solution as a cure for the cancer of the soul, a disease I contracted when the television commercials told me so and big thank you to everyone for the production. I blessed the rains down in Africa.

Nights like this... when I’m thinking too clearly. When I see too much. When I can be there for everyone. Make your day right. Set you on the trail. Heal your heart. Hold your hand. There is not enough of me, and for that I am sorry.

Summer candy on sale because nothing says summer like the melting of chocolate and the smell of chlorine. See, I took you here... to the pharmacy, and back, in my car, with your wanderlust, all for cling peaches, and now we're back on the road and heading home. My apologies for taking you out of space-time as you know it but you needed it, I know that you needed it and now you do too and now...

Now I want you to feel the grass underneath your feet. The grass is growing. The Earth is moving and you’re moving with it. The heat is inside you, waiting to come out, and you will be still with the rest. Just you wait for one of those magical nights in Spring because they happen- not tonight- but it will because it always does.

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