The Third Emily Valentine

Emily, our love is like a song. Except we both forgot the lyrics and now we just kinda hum along

Emily… I…

Emily, I been drinken but I feel good? Love feel good. If that means something. But it don't.


Emily, sometimes when you need me I’m just not home… and for that you are welcome.

Emily your lips make me quiver. Quiver and shiver, like a thing that rhymes with quiver

Emily, I...

Emily this is the real me

Emily you take my breath away and where do you keep it?

Emily here comes the hard part: if you love me why don’t you fucking show me that you do? Why don’t you ever look in public like you want to be with me? PS- your cousin’s a bitch.

Emily I want to pork you on the futon

Emily, you are in my heart, my bloodstream, my soul… the sooner you understand that I love you the sooner you can run away screaming

Emily: life is hard enough

Emily do you like me (check one) 

Emily, I-

Emily: I can see you’re the one for me, you’re my melody, my family, you set me free in a symphony of ecstasy (also your jugs is fantastic)


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