Pulled-Pork Sandwich

Lunch Special
Pulled Pork Sandwich - $10.95

In the days of the Old West a man rode the plains alone…

On his horse he was his own master as he searched for God in the untamed country, in the pastel watercolors of a Southwest sunset slow. He made his own way in the world, he fought for survival. He spent his nights sleeping around the campfire and listening all night for the sound of maraca. In the heat of the day he travelled: to look for work on ranches, to get supplies in town, to earn his coin, to find his fortune in a beer barrel or a pig roast.

At night he sought the bordellos, and the woman with no name, who was always there to hold him.

At the pig roasts- the good ones- there was bacon-meat, and smoked sausage, and glazed hams. At the good ones there was slow-cooked meat, marinated for days in onions, vinegar, and the sweetest of brown sugars. The meat soaked up the flavors and fell off the bones… long strands of wet, seasoned pork. Sometime the girl would serve it sloppy between two slices of a Kaiser roll, sauce dripping out the sides, the scent of cinnamon and black pepper filling your nose, the tang of the worcestersire heavy on your tongue. It was greater than flavor: it was the taste of freedom.

So sit back, put your boots up, and let your horse take a long cool drink while you enjoy the mouth-watering, slow-cooked taste of pure American spirit- our pulled-pork sandwich.

(w cole slaw, pickle)

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