Hunting For Sasquatch

I had one dream: to find and imprison the legendary Bigfoot.

Day 1 – I set up a hunting chair outside my house and I brought a box of Ritz crackers. I have a feeling Bigfoot would like Ritz crackers.

Day 2 – No sighting. I ate the box of Ritz.

Day 5 – No sighting. My wife said “if you don’t come back in this house I am leaving you tomorrow,” but I don’t believe her.

Day 6 – My wife left me.

Day 9 – No sighting. Where is Sasquatch? Not here. (So far)

Day 11 – Some people call him “yeti.”

Day 15 – I smell like a fish sandwich in a pay toilet. I require a shower and more Ritz crackers. Also I may or may not have kids who I need to feed. Bigfoot wins this round, but I’ll be back. Or maybe I’ll forget the whole thing. It could go either way.

One thing's for sure: I'll find that bastard someday.

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