The Lost Poems of Alfredo Montenegro, Pt. 2


More lost prose from the legendary Spanish poet

Toxic boxer play rocket soccer
Teenage boy in a high school locker
Cadillac applejack maniac heart attack
I will have the cheese sandwich
And some orange juice

I see you
And I love you
I love it
I love it
The way you drink my lemonade
And hide my car keys in your heart
Please don’t do that anymore
The lemonade part

Adorable doughball in my earlobe
Activate the candidate and take him home to masturbate
Old woman in your toilet water
Make love to your reckless daughter
Time to lie
Time to cheat
Return your purchase with no receipt

I am sinking in the stink
Dirty things you make me think
My licking stick
Is stinking pink
Make it sizzle with your cola drink

The sun is in the sky
In the right place
That is where he lives!
Keep us warm
Stop the storm
And scorch the neighborhood children

Elbow grease creates world peace
Hobo holds a press release
Throw magic at the bastards
Fly a plane to get there faster
And notify the love police

Buttercup fondle my belly
Buttercup garden my feet
Buttercup impregnate my woman
Is a tumble!
These thing can happen sometimes

Alphabet overhaul
Montreal bowling ball
A racket in the alley
A kitten you call Sally
But her name is Jessica

Bootleg flapjack pitch black knapsack
Jumping jack flashback Oklahoma Cadillac
I am the victim of cranial trauma
And require medical attention

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