Pizza Face (Friday Morning)


He threw the acid in her face, because he was a maniac, because she was a Random Girl standing on the street- teenaged, beautiful, smiling. He threw the acid good, like a champion, and tossed the empty Dixie cup over his shoulder, pedaling off into the aftermath, never to be seen again.

The random girl’s name was Sammy, and her friends on either side stepped back as her face began to pucker, the skin beginning to crackle and spit. In the split second before Sammy was introduced to a pain so ripe that it would become its own reality she was struck by the absurd thought that she would very possibly be late for school today. Yeah, she would be late for school and miss Algebra.

And then the grace period ended, and the acid began to eat with a senseless hunger, to devour her flesh in search of bone in search of beyond.

It was a lucky break- Sammy hated Algebra.

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