Date-rape is devastating… but at least you get a free dinner

I have to confess: going to the morgue gives me the heebie-jeebies

Born on this date: Johnathan Swissarmy, inventor of the legendary knife

"Beginner's Luck" goes a long way in neurosurgery

Remember those grisly circus murders? I was never seriously considered a suspect

According to my proctologist, there IS a wrong way to eat a Reese's

I put a QR bumper sticker on the back of my car just to cause traffic accidents

You think Juan Valdez ever gets a coffee break?


I’m not sure what ‘uno momento’ means, but I think these Spanish people are insulting me

These Marvinburgers are delicious… I just wish Marvin could have been here to enjoy them...

I bought my dog a tuxedo so he could shit the floor in style

Forgot my safe word... can somebody untie me?


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