Death At A Funeral


"He was a good man, when he wasn't being an asshole"

"She died like she lived: stupid"

 "Death is not the end: it's just the beginning. Of the end"

"Did somebody order a pizza?"


"I hear that the bear who mangled him feels just awful"

"We just thought the refrigerator was broken"

“Now this next song requires some audience participation...”

"I guess she'll never finish the robot now"

"I'm sorry for your loss & someone told me there were bagels..."

“Who's getting the postcard collection?”

"And I don't mean to be disrespectful but he did owe me eleven dollars & thirty-seven cents..."

"Jealous, because I'm ready to try the new consciousness"

"There is nothing after we evolve into darkness, orgasm into the eternal, and vanish into infinity. Also I'm taking his parking space"

"She was in good spirits on Thursday but I guess BLAMMO!"

"Good mourning let's fuck"


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