Overheard (At the Gynecologist's)


“The good news is we found your car keys"

 "I have wandering ovaries... what the doctor calls a neo-Fallopian after party"

"I'm gonna need my miner's lamp & haz-mat jumpsuit"

 "I make poot in the doctors face just to level the playing field"

"Would you like me to rotate your cervix?"

"It just feels like another Arby's day today"

"Here, kitty, kitty..."

"That’s okay, Miss, I'm just the water cooler guy. Please: don't get up"

"See you in another three-thousand miles..."

"The baby is developing on schedule & already hates you"

"I understand your objections but I'm going to perform the procedure anyway"

"The consensus is your angry herpes have gotten furious"

Please Check One:
Vulva Pain
Vulva Fire
Dud Vulva

 "Yeah but this one speaks French"

"I notice that someone failed to cut the address off this waiting room magazine... I think I’ll go to that house, kill the family & burn their bodies in the backyard as soon as I'm done with my appointment"

"And the next vagina is..."

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