The Critics Speak

Tron: Legacy

“Forget everything you never remembered about Tron!”

"Only 28 more years until Tron 3!"

“Entertainment and a seizure – for $10!”

“Like a screensaver wired to a car battery”

“[Pretending to] like the Tron is very popular right now!”

“Better than the original… but then, what isn’t?”


“Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, B, A, Start = [I love] this movie!!”

The Black Swan

"The dark side of prancing in tutus"

“Will inspire eating-disorders for an entire generation of teenage girls!”

“Portman will always be that little girl we knew on Naboo”

"I smell an Oscar nomination and some sort of seafood dish"

“The implication of pedophilia has never been more graceful”

“Black Swan by ugly ducking via ludicrous peacock”

“Came out of my coma in time to catch the credits”

“A bridal shower for the criminally insane”

Yogi Bear

“It ain’t over till it’s been CGI’d”

“Where’s Miss Piggy?”

“How did they get Aykroyd in the bear suit?”

“That’s so Yogi!”

"[Finally...] Aykroyd and Timberlake as CGI bears"

"My kids were lost from the get-go!"

"Like a pantful of warm oatmeal on a cold winter morning"

“Furious… mystical, [verging on] Holy… alert the Vatican of yet another miracle”

Little Fockers

“The trilogy is complete…and so is this sentence!”

"At least there's no one to meet this time"

"Stiller Vs. The Toilet: Round 17"

“Fock me and pass the popcorn!”

“CGI DeNiro fooled me completely”

“At this point, don’t they owe us the price of admission?”

“Like a big BM with the bathroom door open!”

“The whoopee cushion sequence was comedy bronze!”

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