I Shot Trayvon Martin

“We’ve come so far, you know the Neighborhood Watch? We’re really getting better every day…”

"A lot of people have been asking to hear MY side of the story, to get MY version, and this is it, okay? First of all, I don’t have a problem with black people. But between you and me, there’s been a series of crimes in the neighborhood over the past few years, and most of those times, sometimes a black guy was involved. Having said that, I don’t hate blacks and I am not a racist… I just think they should be careful where they’re going…”

"I joined the Neighborhood Watch to keep things right. Yes, I carry a gun. It’s an excitement for me and I like it and it makes me feel strong… I know that I’ll have it if I need it and I always need it and that’s why I gotta have it. Hah, I know that sounds funny but you just gotta trust me… this is MY neighborhood and I will do whatever it takes to defend it. This is my Keltec 9mm, good for concealed carry and it’s gotta lot of pop… you never point a gun at a person…

"Okay, there’s a dark-skinned guy down there in a hoodie and no I can’t see what he’s got in his hands, but this doesn’t look good, and this is where I roll out…

"You never shoot an unarmed man. It’s like at home- I only hit my girlfriend when I have no other choice- I am not a violent person and you need to understand that. Look at this guy, he’s a real suspicious guy and I have a few questions for him. I’m a little confused and I’m very afraid and I think this guy is gonna be trouble… I can’t see what he has in his hands there, but that’s- oh shit- looks like I'm gonna need this pistol after all..."


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