My Season with the Mets

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience life in the big leagues…

Day One
This is the beginning of something I’ve dreamed about all my life. I will be covering the Mets all season, my favorite team, my favorite game. I miss the old Shea Stadium, of course- all of my memories were there- but as I step through the tunnels of Citi Field, up the clubhouse steps and onto the field for the first time I am staggered by the beauty of this immaculate new ballpark. The infield grass, the rich red dirt, the clean white bases… 

If there's a baseball team in Heaven, this is where they play.

Suddenly I’m overcome with dizziness, and a sudden awareness of being alive… maybe it’s the forty thousand fans growling from the seats... it feels like they're cheering just for me. This is such a magical moment I can’t believe its really happening. I am high… dizzy...

I sense stadium security swarming towards me and I take off for second base with every muscle in my body straining to outrun my pursuers. I am tackled just past first, my face bashed, my torso hog-tied, and the fellow with the invisible taser goes to town on my lower back. A filling breaks loose.

When I regain consciousness I’m in a stadium holding room, left hand cuffed to the filing cabinet, watching the game on a ceiling-mounted monitor and waiting for my attorney to arrive.

A burly fellow offers me a hot dog and a Pepsi's cola.

I accept.

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