Can’t we leave some children behind?

Luckily I got one of those prisons where they let you keep your harmonica

 Did You Know? Gynecologists eat their roast beef sandwiches vertically

You say you don't laugh when the figure skater falls... I'm gonna have to call bullshit

No woman has ever cried out the name "Willoughby" in a fit of sexual bliss

Masturbation is like exercise with a prize inside

How was I supposed to know the waiter was named Fettucine?


The great thing about "Three's Company" is that they could no longer give each other cervical cancer

Dating a blind woman… well, she doesn’t know it yet


True love is hard to find so let's make Miracle Whip in the Men's Room

Five bucks says I can trick this retardate into cleaning my aquarium


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