Vegan Is Go


"Take it... take it... TASTE IT ALL!"

Barrio jammed another forkful of sausage through her lips, puncturing her tongue and driving the whole meatful mess to the back of her throat, gagging the girl glorious. He slid the utensil back out, using the back of her teeth to trap the meat in her mouth, and the fork emerged clean.

Sarah- still a bitch- spat. The meat landed on the tile, outrageous, chewed-ugly, and Barrio moved his eyes slow from the pile on the kitchen floor back to her face.

It was wet with tears, and bubbled saliva. Her chin and cheeks were spotted with tine pricks, blood leaking lazy from the pinpoint wounds. Her nose was dripping mucous and snot, her nostrils wide. Her hair was filthy, and matted with meat. But her eyes were still fire.

Barrio was becoming furious.

He reared back to deliver an open-palmed slap to Sarah’s face. The contact was white lightning and Barrio heard an audible “snap” from her jawbone. He shrugged. Something broke.

He sat across from her, beside the table, a makeshift beef buffet. Undercooked lamb and pork shared the bowl across from the bacon, and whatever was left of the veal was starting to turn. By this point, the girl wasn't keeping much down.

A patty sizzled on the grill and Barrio rose for the spatula. His slap had been so brilliant that Sarah was still stunned, petrified, temporarily unable to speak, think or see. Her face was frozen, a ghastly mask of disbelief and contorted muscles. He chuckled as he flipped the fresh burger to platter.

The dog collar around her neck was chained to the back of her chair, and her ankles and wrists secured with telephone cord. She was nude, of course, but that had been an afterthought. The main course was the beef.

"You still a vegan?" he asked, teasing her.

"Yes," she answered, stubborn as ever, "Always."

"You can't help it, can you?" Barrio mocked her.

"No, I can't," spoke Sarah, missing the joke.

"You were born this way, weren't you? It's easier... it's so much more... stylish."

"Yeah, yeah," she nodded, smiling. Did she think he was serious?

“You’re gonna love this little bastard,” Barrio cooed, salting the chuck, “It’s called a McVegan Deluxe. It looks like meat, it tastes like meat... and it's 100% beef!”

He slid his kitchen chair close to hers with his free hand, sitting down again. Sarah was starting to come around. She was blinking at least, and processing... slowly.

“You dumb of the motherfucker...” Her mouth spoke the words but her brain had left the building. She was too deep in shock to converse coherently. “I’m a vegan! I don’t eat, I never will eat the meat.”

She smiled after that, tasting lunacy, beginning to splinter. She stuck her tongue out at Barrio like a toddler taunting his parents.

Barrio smiled warmly. “If you ever do that again… I’ll cut your tongue out and make you eat it raw.”

The smile faded from Sarah’s face, her eyelids fluttering involuntarily.

“Now take your beef.”

The next few moments were quiet, almost romantic, as Barrio spoon-fed Sarah a half pound of USDA-certified, medium-rare hamburger. She chewed and swallowed respectfully, finally falling into line, and Barrio even wiped her face with the oven mitt.

That was when Sarah broke the mood by making hot vomit, spewing a projectile stream of bile and undigested beef bits directly into Barrio’s face, filling his mouth and befouling the air. She laughed, hysterical, overtaken by madness and rage, and spit the last drops of sick in his hair.

Sarah's belly was heaving, and she was laughing uncontrollably, as if this was the funniest thing she’d ever seen. Her laughter was musical, and damned.

Barrio was paralyzed as the chunky spew dripped down his face, patient.

“I’m a vegan,” Sarah giggled, sticking her tongue out at him.

Barrio stood up to get the scissors.


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